I Am Here

In 1990 I was invited to play an original song at a christening of a baby boy named Noah. 18 years later I was contacted again to play the same song for Noah’s memorial service.

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Upon hearing the news of his sudden death (drowning), my thoughts went immediately to the parents and how hard it must be for them to lose a son who was so young. And my heart went out to them. I also thought of Noah. Who was he, what was he like? I never knew him. And yet I have the honor of being included in both his christening and his memorial. Did we have a spiritual connection? Where is he now? In the formless realm of spirit, of course. Acknowledging that there is no death, I innocently said, “Hello, Noah, how’s it going?” Suddenly I felt a big, happy, excited presence in my midst. Wow, was I imagining that or is that Noah’s spirit? The words, I am here, I am here, I am here, kept going through my mind. Next I “imagined” Noah saying “Let’s co-write a song for the memorial service.” Was I imagining this? I couldn’t deny I felt very inspired to attempt this “co-write” and began responding to this voice as if were real to see what would follow. I also felt some resistance surfacing and so voiced them to Noah as if it were a normal conversation. It went like this: (the short version)
Me: The service is tomorrow. I’ve never written a song in less than 24 hours. Then I have to perform it. I don’t like to perform new songs unless I have a lot of time to practice. I have to wash my hair, do yoga, go to the store, make dinner etc.There’s not enough time. I don’t think I can do this.

Noah: Don’t worry, it will be a short, simple song. I will supply the ideas. The ideas will come as you’re doing other things. Stay open and just write the ideas down as they come. Be spontaneous.Since the song is simple you will have enough time to write and practice it.

Me: What’s the title?

Noah: I Am Here! It will be a repeating theme throughout the song.

Me: I was only invited to play one song at the service. What if your parents don’t want me to play another song? What do I say to them: Oh, your son who I didn’t know wants me to play this song we co-wrote yesterday?

Noah: Yes. This is my gift to them. This is the message I want them to hear. They are grieving and cannot hear me directly right now. Don’t worry that they will think you’re crazy. Speak to my mom before the service begins. She will agree to include the song.

Suddenly I got an idea for the 1st verse and wrote it down. The wording didn’t sound like something a 18 year old boy would say but I had to remember that he wasn’t an 18 year old boy but an eternal spirit. Next I was inspired to pick up my guitar and began playing chords and humming a melody. I was delighted to find the 1st verse lyrics fit precisely into the melody line. I practiced it a little wondering what the 2nd verse would be. Nothing was coming. I decided to wash my hair and the 2nd verse came to me and I wrote it down. I did yoga, another line. I went to the store, another line came. If I tried to write nothing came. The ideas flowed every time I wasn’t trying to write. Oh, I thought., this is Noah’s message. When I get out of the way, he comes through.
The short story is that the last line was written minutes before the service began. I found Noah’s mom in the front row of the church. I didn’t have time to be anything but blunt so I simply said: “Noah and I co-wrote a new song for the service, he wants me to play it after the other song, do you mind?” She said, “Oh that’s so like Noah. He was always so spontaneous, Yes, play it.”
One of things I learned about Noah at the service was that he loved music, was quite the poet and wrote often.

There’s one more thing I want to share with you. Throughout this experience I got the distinct impression that when beings leave the physical realm, they really want to communicate with their family and friends and tell them how much they love them, how happy they are to have full realization of their eternal spirit, and that we are always spirit, sometimes clothed in flesh. That is difficult to do if you believe they died. Communication happens from spirit to spirit, not body to body.
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