All For One

Sometimes, as I’m moving thru the day
It’s seems everywhere I go I see her picture
Gaia, basking in the light and looking like the paradise of scripture
And sometimes, when the world appears most dark
Somehow, when I’m gazing at the stars
Somewhere, in the middle of my heart
I see a new world rising up
Singing a song
All for one and one for all

These days scientist and saint
Are coming to agree all truly is one
And prophets forecast a golden age ahead
Gleaming with an all embracing vision

And sometimes, I see glimmers in the dark
Somehow, I know it’s in our hearts
This longing to one day see the stars
Gazing down in wonder as they watch us
Rising up
Singing a song
All for one and one for all

And if it sounds familiar
Maybe it’s because
It’s all we ever knew
Back where we come from
It’s older than the earth
It’s written on our souls
For eons we’ve been hoping
To give it flesh and bones
So come
Let’s sing a song
All for one that each may recall
All for one
And one for all
Let’s be the ones
For all!

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