It’s just a tiny whisper
In the clamor we can hardly hear it
It’s the keeper of our vision
The testament of our spirit

The one that tells us, keep dreaming
Despite the logic of the voice of reason
Even if it takes a miracle
Keep believing, it says, keep believing

And then there’s doubting Thomas
Always looking for a little drama
Pouring water on our fire
Shooting holes through all our promise

The one that tells us, stop dreaming
And pay attention to the voice of reason
And try and be more practical
Unless you see it, don’t believe it

Oh, but we are star gazers
Dream weavers, trail blazers
On the playground of creation
With a talent for imagination
And we were born for glory
To rise up eager in the morning
Find our bliss, flow our passion
Always know that

Anything can happen
Anything we can imagine
Doesn’t matter who we are
How big the dream, how near or far

As long as we can keep dreaming
And reach for the feeling
Expect a miracle
Ignore the facts and keep believing
Keep believing
Then there’s nothing in this world
We can’t achieve
As long as we can Dream
Dream, Dream, Dream

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