My Only One

Time, could you slow down just a bit
And tell me where my little girl went
You know the one, used to climb up on my knees
Listening to stories endlessly

Well now she’s writing stories of her own
Since she started high school she’s hardly ever home
Dreaming of the day when she’ll fly around the world
Wasn’t it just yesterday she was just my little girl

Time, could you slow down just a bit
Cause sometimes I have trouble getting use it to
If won’t be long I know before she flies away
I see her spread her wings a little more everyday

And now she’s flying higher than she’s ever flown before
And it fills my heart with happiness to see the way she soars
And I’ll do anything I can to boost her confidence
Even tho I know that she is fllying from my nest

But time you must be flying too
Wasn’t I just teaching her how to tie her shoes
Wasn’t she just recently tugging on my sleeve
Saying one more story mommy before I go to sleep

Now she’s writing stories of her own
Dreaming of adventures so far away from home
And time can’t you see, she’s nearly all grown up
Time slow down for now cause she’s my only one

My only one, my only one

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