“I don’t know how I came to your site, but wow, DREAM IS SO DEEPLY MOVING!” – John Scott
I have to tell you, I keep playing your CD over and over again-thanks so much, I LOVE IT!- Lisa Barriere

Just want to say I listened to your CD about 5 times on my ride back to PA. Absolutely Wonderful Stuff!! Anyone out there, get ‘site unseen’ (or unheard?) as I did and you’ll get a great treat.-Dave Bodine

I just now listened to ‘Dream’
keep believing! words cannot express how BEAUTIFUL YOUR MUSIC IS!
Expect the miracle
Express the miracle
You are the miracle
the other songs are playing in the background now
Beautiful! Beautiful!!!- Mabel Stewart

Excellent CD. I especially love Dream and Harry’s World.

I’ve played Dream and This Place to death. They are my favorites- Sally Buer
I’ve listened to your CD about 50 times. I love it!- Judith Avers

I especially like the jazz tune ‘Harry’s World. I got the CD and am enjoying it very much. Excellent guitar work, btw! Maybe I’ll catch you gigging around NYC sometime!!-Deb Lake

Thank you very much for your CD. I love to hear your songs very much. I am especially touched by the song, Annie. Your songs give me the impression to be supported on my way (and always reminded not to forget my DREAMS!:-)) Nicole

Kathy, I am enchanted with your music. And very impressed. I have listened to the CD many times, and it continues to grow on me, to put more and more little roots down into my mind. YOU HAVE AN INCREDIBLE TALENT. -Kate

My name is Chris and I performed at the Wildflower song writing contest last week, and we swapped Cd’s. I just wanted to tell how much I really enjoyed your CD. Insightful and touching lyrics abound, and your themes on redemption and belief in oneself are a real inspiration-all of your songs were excellent, but I have to say that I Love ‘Remember’- great changes, harmonies, and of course your very visual lyrics ( the part about painting trees blue as a kid) was a case in point, and this feeling of non-conformity bled into the witty ‘My Insanity’- I loved this one, not only because of the reference to Dom Deluise , but because you mixed it up in this one in your approach. ‘Forgiven’ is beautiful and peaceful, and ‘Dream’ I very much remember from your performance at the contest-keep believing indeed!- you have a lot to offer-I can hear the passion in your voice and your guitar playing is polished-.nice arrangements, especially on ‘Forgiven’-Chris Gavito

The thing that struck me most about your album is the absoluately amazing lyrics on so many of your songs. They truly blew me away! I read them out loud to my partner over the phone when I first opened the CD, and we were both blown away! I especially like the lyrics for I Love You, and my absolute favorite is Forgiven. That song feels so inspired to me. It conveys a message to me that is very important and so resonant and true. -Cara Cantarella

Blessings-I listen to that cd of yours all the time!-Judylynn

FINALLY wrestled this away from wife and got to listen to it. Heartbreakingly beautiful! Glad I got it. You got tha mad skills g-fran.
:^) doug wray

I enjoy all the songs on the CD, but I have to mention my favorites-‘My Only One’ brought me to tears. ‘My Insanity’-we all listen to that one over and over again. But I have to speak to ‘I Love You’-what a powerful song. Great voice.-Betsy Bailey

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